Fortinet SD-WAN delivers best customer experience to the new Lux & Easy Signature Hotel

Intellisys, succesfully deployed Fortinet SD-WAN to the new Lux & Easy Signature hotel offering the best possible customer experience to the guests of the new luxurious 140-room hotel delivering the Always-On Experience: Guest experience that can be delivered at all times, without interruption.

The benefits of Fortinet SD-WAN can bring several benefits to the hospitality industry, enhancing the network infrastructure and improving overall operations. Some specific advantages of Fortinet SD-WAN for the hospitality sector:

  1. Reliable Guest Connectivity: Fortinet SD-WAN can ensure a reliable and high-performance experience for guests. It optimizes network resources, prioritizes bandwidth for guest services, and provides a seamless and secure internet connection.
  2. Bandwidth Management: Fortinet SD-WAN allows for dynamic bandwidth allocation maintaining a positive user experience for both guests and staff.
  3. Cost Savings: Hospitality businesses can benefit from the cost savings provided by SD-WAN, particularly by leveraging less expensive broadband connections. This can result in reduced operational expenses.
  4. Enhanced Security: Security is crucial in the hospitality industry, where customer data and payment transactions are handled. Fortinet SD-WAN solutions include advanced security features, providing a secure environment for guest and business data.
  5. Improved Guest Experience: With a reliable and high-performance network, guests can enjoy a better experience during their stay. Whether accessing the internet in their rooms, using business services, or connecting to entertainment platforms, Fortinet SD-WAN contributes to a positive guest experience.
  6. Redundancy and Continuity: Fortinet SD-WAN provides built-in redundancy, ensuring network continuity even in the event of a connection failure. This is crucial for maintaining operations such as reservations, check-ins, and online services.

Implementing Fortinet SD-WAN in the hospitality industry leads to a more efficient, reliable, and secure network infrastructure, ultimately contributing to improved guest satisfaction and operational excellence.

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